A student at UNC Chapel Hill graduating in 2026, I am studying Business with a focus in marketing as well as Media and Journalism with a focus in Advertising and PR. Outside of the academic classes setting, I am involved in various academic, philanthropic, and faith based clubs. This includes the Marketing Club, MoneyThink, Carolina Women in Business, and YoungLife. Marketing Club, MoneyThink, and Carolina Women in Business are clubs used to further develop and refine the skills surrounding business, networking, and finance. I have been given the opportunity to grow in my leadership and collaboration skills through YoungLife Club where I lead high school students in various events a week. Along with the leadership experience I gain from leading, I am also able to give back and serve younger students in the ways that made a huge impact on my life in high school.


Along with my passion for networking and building relationships as a means of connections, I am also passionate about the benefits of creative expression. I believe that sharing people’s stories through creative mediums help to provide an opportunity for growth and a positive perspective change. Listening to and learning from others’ stories is a prime way to remain aware and compassionate of others’ experiences that you may not initially connect with. Being a part of the process of making a creative outlet to share stories about mental health, struggles, pain, hope, victory, and much more and seeing the vision come to life is truly what drives my devotion.